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Second TPM in Lisbon

The WEBJOU consortium met in November in the vibrant city of Lisbon for the second Transnational Project Meeting (TPM). This gathering not only provided an opportunity for project discussions but also facilitated connections with partners from related projects, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange.

One of the highlights of the meeting was the joint lunch with partners from both the Joule and Webjou Projects. This informal setting allowed participants to network, share insights, and explore potential synergies between projects. Additionally, attendees had the opportunity of joining the final conference of the Joule Project, adding value to their experience in Lisbon.

Hosted by NOVA IMS, the meeting started with a warm welcome, setting the tone for productive discussions ahead. Prof. Paola Vocca, the Scientific responsible of the WEBJOU Project, provided an insightful overview of the project, offering valuable context for attendees.

The agenda of the meeting encompassed various key points essential for the progress of the project:

  • Project Management (WP1): The consortium delved into discussions regarding the efficient management of the project, ensuring smooth coordination and timely execution of tasks.
  • Course Design and Development (WP2): Participants focused on the discussion about the design and development of course syllabi, formats, and content. Emphasis was placed on Open Educational Resource (OER) production to enhance accessibility and dissemination of educational materials.
  • Evaluation and Quality Assurance (WP5): Attention was given to the evaluation of project processes and products, ensuring high-quality outcomes. Strategies for quality assurance were discussed to maintain project standards.
  • Dissemination (WP6): The consortium explored avenues for disseminating project outcomes, maximizing impact, and assessing the project’s overall influence on target audiences.

Looking forward, the meeting also involved preparation for upcoming Work Packages (WPs), including:

  • Course Piloting (WP3): Plans were laid out for piloting courses, with a focus on gathering feedback and refining course materials for optimal effectiveness.
  • Assessment and Validation of Competences Methodology (WP4): Discussions centered on the assessment and validation of competencies, crucial for ensuring the relevance and applicability of project outcomes.

Overall, the TPM in Lisbon served as a platform for collaborative discussions, strategic planning, and networking opportunities. As the consortium progresses towards its goals, the spirit of collaboration and innovation continues to drive the project forward, making a meaningful impact in the field of education in data journalism.