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The WEBJOU Project has the following four major goals

1. The definition of the profile of data journalism and data communication for the higher education (ISCED-6) with reference to the Western Balkans higher education system.

2. The design of 6 modular courses, which can be composed to realize different training paths (Big Data, Data Visualization, statistical analysis, Geospatial representations, Story telling, Legislation on data property in EU (GDPR). The courses will be compliant with a competences assessment and qualification system based on the ECTS credit points.

3. The realization of 7 first course/bachelor’s (ISCED-6) in Data journalism, one for each partecipating HE, tailored for the Wester Balkan context with particular reference to the Albanian and Kosovan higher education system.

4. The development of an online platform. All the resources and teaching aids will be available to the public free of charge through open licenses. (Open Educational Resources -OER)

To evaluate these objectives, WEBJOU will test the courses with 70 students with particular reference to females (50). Additionally, both academic and administrative staff will be trained both on the courses and on the learning platform.

Activities WP1

  • T 1.1. Administrative and Financial Coordination
  • T 1.2. Technical Management
  • T 1.3. Communication, Quality and IPR Management

Activities WP2

  • T 2.1. Need and best practices analysis and definition
  • T 2.2. Syllabus and learning material gathering
  • T 2.3. Curricula and courses design
  • T 2.4. Course development
  • T 2.5. OER production and learning platform configuration

Activities WP3

  • T 3.1. Student recruitment
  • T 3.2. Pilot for the Albanian HE
  • T 3.3. Pilot for the Kosovar HE

Activities WP4

  • T 4.1.  Design and development of the assessment framework
  • T 4.2. Integration with the on-line platform

Activities WP5

  • T 5.1. Development of the Quality Plan
  • T 5.2. Implementation of the foreseen evaluation activities
  • T 5.3. Carrying out evaluation focus group, involving the stakeholders
  • T 5.4. Production of reports with recommendations for improvement

Activities WP6

  • T 6.1. Development of the Dissemination and exploitation Plan
  • T 6.2. General dissemination: Visual Identity and dissemination material development
  • T 6.3. Digital dissemination: Portal development
  • T 6.4. Partner Dissemination multiplier event and final conference